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Fuel Treatment

Personal watercraft breakdowns caused by fuel issues can be unfortunate and costly. Nothing ruins an otherwise perfect day faster than not being able to get out on the water aboard your beloved Sea-Doo. Make sure you avoid problems and stay out of the mechanic's shop by using any of Sea-Doo's personal watercraft fuel treatment solutions. See your owner's manual for exact specifications.

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When would I need to use fuel stabilizers in my personal watercraft?

Any marine engine, such as the one powering your belove PWC, is affected by water, oxygen, light and heat whenever it is in use. All petroleum will be affected by these same four elements. If you are storing your watercraft for an extended period of time, adding fuel stabilizer will keep the ethanol in your tank from separating and going bad. Ethanol absorbs humidity from the air, which can lead to corrosion and breakdowns. Sea-Doo's fuel stabilizers contain powerful anti-corrosion additives that help protect the components of your fuel system. Protect your PWC and stay out on the water as long as you want!