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Women's Water Shoes

Whenever you're out on the open water, it’s important for all riders to wear the right kind of footwear. Sea-Doo has women's footwear adapted to every riding style. Whether you prefer water shoes or boots, our designs can keep you warm and comfortable, or allow a better water evacuation, all while protecting your feet. The non-slip soles mean you're done slipping on wet surfaces!

Which footwear should I choose for riding my Sea-Doo?

No matter what you wear, always be careful around wet and slippery areas. Some water shoes and boots offer sun protection, a breathable mesh fabric and perforated soles for water evacuation, while others will offer additional protection while keeping you warm and dry thanks to Neoprene. Whichever you choose, non-slip soles will ensure you won’t lose your footing. Once you start wearing water shoes, it will be hard to go back to barefeet, which you should avoid as much as possible.