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Women's Sunglasses

Protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful rays is a priority for a day of fun in the sun. Sea-Doo’s women’s sunglasses offer superior UV protection and look great on the water, as well as off it. Our sunglasses stay comfortably in place no matter how much you splash around. Want to stop loosing your eyewear every time you ride the waves? Choose from our range of floating sunglasses and goggles! Opt for a stylish eyewear option that works for you, no matter the occasion.

Do I really need specialised eyewear for my PWC?

We all know that good vision is important for everyone’s safety when hitting the waves on your watercraft. Proper eyewear can be the difference between squinting to see or enjoying the sun and splashes as you whirl around on the water. With smart features ranging from floating sunglasses to our PWC goggles that can be fitted with a prescription insert, Sea-Doo's women's eyewear will stay in place while protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays both on and off the water. Who said functionality couldn't be stylish?