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Floating Key Chain

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Make It Float Say goodbye to losing your keys into the water, and say hello to our floating key chain specifically designed to not only save your keys from sinking, but do it fashionably! With a distinctive, brightly colored foam finish, you can spot this neat device from afar on the water’s surface. The BRP lifestyle reaches far beyond the road, snow, water, and trails: it's a part of who you are. You crave excitement and discovery, which only fuels your anticipation of unforgettable adventures lying behind even the smallest of corners. That's why run of the mill stuff won't cut it. Our lifestyle collection embodies that same fierce spirit of innovation and quality you've come to expect in everything that bears our name. For the experiences you crave and the life you live, we have the right products for every kind of adventure.


Sea-Doo Floating Key Chain
Makes sure your keys float
High visibility
Durable foam finish
Waterproof and floats up to 4 keys or 1.4 oz.
Key ring is made of stainless steel against rust
Dimensions: 3" x 1 ½"