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Waterproofing Fabric

$28.99 CAD
Restore and preserve your boat canvas and fabrics with XPS Fabric Waterproofing. Read the full description

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Fabric Protector and Waterproofing restores and preserves your boat’s canvas and fabrics to keep them performing like new. The unique fluoropolymer formula restores waterproofing and water repellency, adds UV protection, stain protection and prevents color fading and premature aging of boat fabrics. Does not affect the fabric’s feel, color or breathability.


Fabric must be clean, free of detergent and completely dry before applying waterproofing. Spray product evenly until fabric is uniformly wet. Allow 1 hour to dry.


Always test for compatibility or discoloration on hidden area before applying to the entire surface. Do not use on vinyl, plastic, rubber, acrylic, fiberglass, natural leather or suede. Make sure surfaces are clean before applying product.


  • For best results, clean surfaces with the XPS Marine Cleaner & Degreaser, rinse with water, and allow fabrics to dry completely before applying product.
  • Perform a test by pouring a few drops of water on fabric, if water penetrates repeat application.

Features & Specs

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Features Description
  • Unique fluoropolymer formula restores water repellency
  • Increases UV and stain protection
  • Prevents fading and premature aging of boat fabrics
  • Safe for natural and synthetic fabrics